Feedback and thank you’s!

A place to showcase the wonderful feedback received from service users around the excellent work we do and support offered.

I did 6 Steps to Success and met some lovely people, as well as learning things about tax that I didn’t know before. Plus, it got me out of the house and the work coach delivering was very good at putting me at ease.

We had a governor/ PTA meeting this morning and one parent said they really enjoyed the first session (Meaningful Maths) and were really looking forward to coming again this week, so thank you.

I did an access course online in 2021/22 whilst still working (funded by the lions club) which gave me enough UCAS points to get onto a QTS course, so now I’m in my second year of primary education at Cardiff met which I love! ​

​I often think how grateful I am that you arranged for me to do volunteering at Dewstow, because it definitely confirmed to me that it’s what I want to do!

There was such a buzz in the room during Tunes and Tales and it was really lovely.

The resources you give are great and he really enjoys them, thank you. I’m getting a lot of use out of them.

I learned more from you today than my maths teacher ever taught me.

Thank you for educating me.

If only I was taught that method in school, that’s so much easier.

​“The course was delivered in a very professional manner. The leader was knowledgeable, experienced and focused on his subject material.  The material in the course was well prepared and relevant. Thank you for a very good course and I look forward to participating in another.

“The support given was fantastic. Really helpful to have a friendly person just to chat to and have no judgement put on you. You gave me so much encouragement that I wasn’t a failure or too old to have anything to offer.

Thanks to the support received, I was able to secure an interview at Together Works in Caldicot! I was also asked to volunteer with Iconnect which made me valued.

My work coach’s support was amazing, and she always made sure she was available to have meetings and respond to my texts and emails whenever needed. Thanks to her, I’ve also been able to apply for some shoes and work clothes for my new job.

Thank you very much for all the support and I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for me.”

I’d just been made redundant before I met the Employment and Skills team. Apart from being unemployed I was feeling low in confidence and unsure on what I wanted to do next. After seeing Careers Wales they sent out a referral for me to see Lynn at Employment and Skills.​

​The engagement and services offered by Employment and Skills was excellent. Lynn’s knowledge of the job market was incredible. We discussed CV’s, cover letters, pre-interview job application questions and interviews. Reaching the next round of the interview stages helped me to build up my confidence whilst also getting closer to my desired career. ​

​In the end I got the outcome I was looking for. An offer from Somerset Council for the position of Apprentice Planner in the form of a degree apprenticeship. I would highly recommend their service to users to help them find their next career.

I secured a fantastic job at Airbus with the wonderful help of the Economy, Employment, and Skills team. Enabling me to earn more money than I ever imagined.

Firstly I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all the help and support given to me. I was so worried about finding work as quickly as I could and getting all the necessary certificates required to work in the sector, but your support has alleviated much of the worry. It’s people like you who make the world a better place. I feel so fortunate to have been supported by you so far. Your sound advice, kindness and organisation has been invaluable to me and I truly appreciate it. Thank you!​.

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