Employment Wellbeing Support

Our wellbeing support is open to Monmouthshire residents aged 16 and over. If you don’t feel ready for work or you’ve been out of work for a while, we can explore a tailored range of support to help you manage your wellbeing and explore next steps.

Exploring Your Circumstances:  

  • A Confidential Space: Time for you to explore what is going on for you right now. Whether you lack confidence, feel anxious or overwhelmed, 1:1 sessions are a space to for you to talk about this and consider ways forward. 
  • Work Specific Barriers: Whether you’ve been out of work for a while or you don’t feel ready for work, identifying what worries you could be helpful. Do you lack confidence to apply for jobs? Have anxiety around interviews? Feel overwhelmed about starting something new?  
  • Advocacy: Finding the support you need can be difficult with so many services around. Whether you need help going to the GP to discuss your mental health or to obtain a fit note, or to access other agencies such as MIND or Housing, we can explore this together.   
  • Employability Focused Counselling: If you feel support is needed above and beyond 1:1 sessions, we can explore referring into Counselling. If there are multiple things going on for you, it may be useful to explore some of this with a Counsellor and some of this 1:1. We complete the referral with you to ensure it is current and Counselling is appropriate for you. Our Wellbeing Workers will be able to provide further information about criteria and referrals. 
  • Six Steps Workshop: The first day of the workshop helps explore barriers surround employment, confidence, qualifications, and experience. This is followed by an introduction to structured goal setting. If you don’t feel comfortable in small groups, we can explore 1:1 delivery.  
  • Invent Your Future: A more in-depth version of Six Steps and delivered 1:1 over three or four sessions. We start by looking at areas of your life you want to begin to make meaningful change in, we examine core habits, attitudes, and beliefs in some depth. We finish by understanding and practicing how to reframe these and apply these to structured goals you may want to achieve.  
  • Information: We need to gather some information from you, we will complete an assessment and mutually agree an action plan. We will need you to confirm we’ve explained GDPR, confidentiality and you’ve signed our working agreement.  
  • Meetings: We can catch up face to face in one of our community venues or Job Centre drop ins. We can also catch up by phone or Teams call. Due to our lone working policy, we are unable to conduct home visits. 
  • Flexibility: All meetings will take place between 9.30am – 4.30pm, due to opening times of our venues, we are unable to meet in the evenings. Our staff may send information outside of these hours such as course confirmations or reminder texts. 
  • Length of Support: There is no set timeframe or number of sessions as everyone is different. You may find catching up a few times is all you need, or you may benefit from longer term support. We will review every 4 – 6 weeks. 
  • Other Agencies: We can work with you if you’re engaged with other services. It is important you let us know what other support you’re receiving. We don’t want to duplicate the good work that is already being done. Having the same conversation with two people or agencies can get confusing for you.